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Welcome to Sandstorm North Contracting – Your Premier Partner for Campground Staffing in Northern BC

At Sandstorm North, we are dedicated to more than just staffing provincial campgrounds in Northern BC; we are committed to fostering employment opportunities and empowering local communities. Our mission goes beyond providing personnel – it’s about creating meaningful jobs and contributing to the economic vitality of the region.

Who we are

Sandstorm North Contracting is a company providing employment services in Northern British Columbia.

Why Choose Sandstorm North for Employment Opportunities?

Empowering Local Communities:

We believe in the strength of local communities and actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of Northern BC by offering employment opportunities. This creates a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families.

Core Commitment to Empowerment:

We deeply commit to empowering every individual we work with, investing in their potential and contributing to the overall prosperity of Northern BC.

Sandstorm North Contracting: Fostering Outdoor Careers:

At Sandstorm North Contracting, we are not merely filling positions; rather, we dedicate ourselves to fostering careers that enable individuals to work outdoors. We provide stable and reliable outdoor employment opportunities, supporting individuals in their professional growth journey amidst the beauty of nature.

How Sandstorm North Supports Meaningful Careers

Professional Development:

Our focus goes beyond providing jobs. Moreover, we actively support career development, offering training and growth opportunities for our team members.

Contributing to Collective Advancement:

In addition, Sandstorm North is committed to advancing career opportunities, supporting the overall progress of the community.

Ready to Build a Fulfilling Career in Northern BC?

Contact us today to explore the career opportunities at Sandstorm North. You’re welcome to send us your resume any time of year. Join us in our mission to empower individuals, contribute to personal and professional growth, and build a brighter future together. Sandstorm North – where meaningful careers meet empowerment!

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