Covid 19

Covid 19 in the workplace

Covid 19 is here and vaccinations aren’t widespread. To keep employees and customers safe, we have policies and protocols in place.

Public Interface Protocols

Customer interaction is limited wherever possible to avoid any chance of cross contamination. Where employees may need to communicate with the public, PPE equipment is provided and enforced. Employees are responsible to follow procedures to ensure that surfaces that customers may have contact with are cleaned regularly.

Accommodation Protocols

Work positions may require staff to stay in overnight accommodations also called staff housing. To keep all people in these accommodations safe we have guidelines to be followed by supervisors and employees pertaining to personal hygiene, cleaning, and maintaining the living spaces.

Workplace Policies

Symptoms and possibility of exposure to the Covid 19 virus are taken seriously by Sandstorm North Contracting. Staff are required to report exposure of the virus and must follow isolation guidelines. Open communication about ones personal wellness are appreciated and encouraged.

Communication Plans and Training

We ensure that everyone entering the workplace knows how to keep themselves and others safe. Staff orientation, action plans, and channels of communication are mandatory to follow by all employees.

We must all work together to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and respect the people in our surroundings.